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This book is a collection of essays on teaching mathematics at the collegiate level. Based on my classroom-tested experience in the USA and also in Europe, it promotes dynamic constructive methods and approaches. A special stress is made on the motivational component in teaching mathematics.

The book focuses on the following critical challenges of contemporary mathematics education:

How to find strategies to overcome studentsí anxiety, prejudices, and misconceptions of mathematics?
How various math notions, concepts, and ideas could be presented in an attractive and intriguing way?
How to evoke learnersí curiosity and imagination, and build up their intuition?
How to find methods that allow students to follow the inner logic of development of historical and contemporary mathematics?
How to utilize class time efficiently and facilitate active participation of students?

In order to prepare students better for upcoming courses and for success in their future professional careers, my teaching strategy includes development of learnersí math vocabulary as well as of their math communication, teaching, and pedagogical skills.

I have a strong belief that this book could be supportive for:

Professors, instructors, TA's, and graduate students who teach actual math courses at colleges and universities;

Tutors at math support centers, tutors of study groups, and also individual tutors;

Math and science majors; in particular, those who are planning to pursue teaching or an academic career;

Mentors of young professors, adjuncts, TA's, study groups;

Graduate and undergraduate students specializing in math education;

It could be recommended as reading material / supplemental text for a variety of courses.


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